Executive Bios

dōTERRA’s founding executive leadership team includes seasoned business, marketing, and healthcare professionals of uncommon professional experience and reputation for integrity and performance in the direct selling industry. Each is committed to dōTERRA’s mission of sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world, while creating a generous and uplifting culture for dōTERRA employees and Independent Product Consultants. Quick to turn attention from themselves and recognize the invaluable contribution of family, friends, employees, consultants, and business partners in their successes, they find their greatest satisfaction in lives made better through their associations.

David Stirling

Dave has extensive experience and education in business management, with BS and Master Degrees in business. He most recently chaired the executive management team for a large essential oils company, taking the company to a solid position of profitability while doubling revenues in just over three years. Dave also has a solid background in technology, overseeing IT development and engineering efforts for a billion-dollar consumer products company. Dave’s strength is in his ability to see what can be, while inspiring the same vision in others. He will tell you this is only accomplished through loyal and trusted friends who are highly skilled and competent in their areas of expertise.

Dr. David K. Hill, D.C.
Chief Medical Advisor
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee

Dr. Hill is well known throughout the industry as a premier knowledge expert on wellness and essential oils. As a licensed practitioner of chiropractic medicine and the former administrator of a large health clinic, Dr. Hill managed a staff of over forty professionals for several years, treating hundreds of patients in the process. For the past three years, he and his team have developed educational seminars used by tens of thousands of people seeking to learn about essential oils and personal wellness. Dr. Hill has authored and published a number of very successful books, brochures, and pamphlets. His latest book to be released was Nature’s Living Energy, which sold out its first printing in less than a week. Dr. Hill ability to communicate effectively with other medical professionals quickly wins their respect and trust. He also has an innate ability to communicate with the mainstream public regarding health issues, providing solutions in a language they can understand. His sincere interest in each individual makes him an immediate favorite with all who know him.

Emily Wright
Vice President Leadership Development

For the past decade and a half, Emily has immersed herself in the many facets of the essential oils industry due to the amazing benefits she has experienced first-hand. She served on the Executive Board of a large multi-national essential oils direct-selling company for over a decade, wherein she gained great insight into the industry. She is passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of essential oils with the world and desires to create a welcoming atmosphere for many to call home. Her hands-on experience and understanding of global sourcing and quality assurance practices has allowed dōTERRA the ability to offer nature’s purest essences, sourced from the most pristine regions around the globe. Emily also has vast experience in all facets of sales and leadership and loves nothing more than to help others succeed. She is best known for her positive outlook, bright smile, and make-it-happen attitude.

Robert J. Young
Vice President Marketing

Rob has over 20 years’ experience in the direct-selling industry in product marketing and corporate communications, serving in senior executive management positions and on strategic steering committees for some of the largest direct-selling companies in the world. Corporate and packaging identities that Rob has developed are familiar to millions of customers while products he has marketed have accounted for billions in global sales. Anyone associated with the direct-selling industry over the past two decades is likely to know Rob or be familiar with his work. His product expertise includes skin care, personal care, and household consumer products, but his greatest personal passion is for developing and marketing nutritional wellness products and programs.

Gregory Cook
Vice President Operations & International

Greg has over 20 years’ experience in the direct selling industry. He believes this industry has the ability to change people’s lives for good like none other. In the early days of dōTERRA, Greg was one of those who risked everything to establish the company because of what essential oils did for his family. While he spent the early days of dōTERRA overseeing finance and operations most of Greg’s career has been spent expanding and managing U.S. based companies in foreign markets. Greg has personally been involved in or led the expansion efforts of two of the largest companies in the industry into over 40 markets. Since the inception of dōTERRA, Greg envisioned that the whole world would not only accept, but embrace essential oil wellness. That vision is now becoming a reality with the aggressive expansion of dōTERRA overseas. Greg believes dōTERRA’s foundational keys to success are having the highest quality essential oils on the planet, the most generous compensation plan for hard working product consultants, a company culture of integrity, and above all great people.

Mark Wolfert
General Counsel

Mark Wolfert has more than 25 years’ experience as an attorney in private practice and as in-house legal counsel to a global billion dollar direct sales company where he was a corporate officer and member of its executive management team. Mark directed regional management teams and had responsibility for operations in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe while supporting thousands of independent distributors in those geographies. He choreographed the development and opening of many new markets throughout Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He has provided his expertise and consulting services to other direct selling companies in the industry, helping them establish business operations in international markets. Mark is known as a cheerful attorney who likes people and endeavors to help them become their very best.

Corey B. Lindley
Chief Financial Officer

Corey brings more than 20 years of experience to doTERRA’s management team. He is recognized as a pioneer in the global direct selling world developing the first truly global seamless compensation opportunity in the industry and securing licenses to do business in complex international operating environments. He and his family of eight children lived in Asia for six years as he developed and managed several hundred million dollar markets – with a specific emphasis on Japan and Mainland China. Working closely with distributor sales leaders and developing loyal and competent management teams have been hallmarks of his career. Corey is also an experienced financial executive having been the CFO of a billion dollar publicly listed direct selling company – marketing the business to Wall Street and being involved with numerous multi-million acquisitions and transactions. Most recently, Corey and his family lived in Melbourne, Australia for three years on an assignment for his church. Corey holds a B.S. and an MBA degree and loves to help other people improve their lives.